As you already know, today is Maggie Jane’s birthday.  The day began with Maggie waking up at 2:52 a.m. (she was born at 2:32 a.m.) for a bottle.  She slept while taking her bottle and smiled in her sleep when I sang her Happy Birthday.  Ryan went to work this morning and we all had a calm morning here at home.  I got the kids all dressed and we headed to St. John’s Mercy Hospital.  This is where Maggie was born.  We wanted to go see Dr. Krafcik on her birthday.  Many of you are not familiar with this name.  Dr. Krafcik is the doctor who heard her heart murmer during her discharge exam.  He is the doctor who made the decision to order the echocardiogram.  He is the doctor who is responsible for finding her heart defect before it was too late.  I have written him cards and sent him pictures to thank him.  However, we had not yet been able to personally thank him.  This was very important to us.  We had a nice little visit with him and Maggie even let him hold her.  Ryan had met us at the hospital so after our visit, the four of us went out for lunch and then Ryan had to go back to work.  We had a nice day celebrating her birthday and I am so excited for her party tomorrow. 

Maggiesbirthday_001_2 Maggiesbirthday_003_3