This is what I wanted to sream at the top of my lungs today at Maggie’s doctor appointment.  She had to go in to get a catheter put in so they could draw a urine sample to retest for her bladder infection.  Her doctor is off on Thursdays so we were put on the N.P. schedule.  The nurse for the N.P. is pretty green, and this was made evident very quickly.  It was quite obvious that she was nervous about doing the cath., but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  Big mistake!  I laid Maggie down on the table and she immediately starts screaming.  The chic fumbles around getting everything ready, and then makes the comment about Maggie’s pee hole being really small.  No, freakin, kidding!  She’s a baby!  With her hands shaking, she kept poking around with the end of the catheter and the assistant says, "try a little lower"… That didn’t work.  "Try a little higher".  By this point, Maggie is screaming bloody murder and pees all over the place.  The stupid chic continues to try to put the cath in even though there is pee all over the table.  The two stupid chics are squealing about the pee so I picked Maggie up to get her calmed down. 

As nice as possible, I say: "If you are not comfortable doing this, will you please get someone else to help you?". 

Stupid nurse says: "Oh, I’m comfortable doing it.  She’s just so small."

I say: "Well, she has been thru a lot and the nurse last week didn’t have any problems getting it in.  Please get someone to help you". 

Stupid Nurse says:  "How many times has she gone thru this?"

I say:  "This is the 2nd time, but she HAS HAD 2 open heart surgeries and she doesn’t like doctors or nurses."

Finally, they get someone else to help.  However, the stupid nurse gets another cath. kit and continues to try to put it in with the other person watching.  Finally, the nurse who came in to help, says, "Do you want me to try?".  Well, she got it in on the first try!  No, freakin kidding. 

I don’t mind if a nurse isn’t comfortable doing something.  That doesn’t make me think any less of her.  BUT she should have admitted that she wasn’t comfortable doing it!