Well, my sweet baby girl is feeling much better.  Except for the fact that she spent too many nights on the couch with us, and now she doesn’t want to sleep in her bed, she is back to her normal opinionated self. 

However, she is going to be traumatized by the end of next week.  Maggie HATES doctors, and who could blame her?  She has had a lifetime of unpleasant experiences with them.  Well, these next 2 weeks will bring even more unpleasant experiences.  She has to go back to the Pediatrician on Thursday to have her urine sample redone to make sure the infection is cleared up.  Well, she is not capable of peeing in a cup so they have to put a catheter in.  Monday, she has her 1 year well visit which will include shots!  Tuesday she has to have a renal ultrasound and some other test done.  I’m sure she will be sedated for these, but that means an IV.  They do this test on any baby who has had a bladder infection to make sure that all of the plumbing is hooked up correctly.  April 15th she sees her cardiologist and they will do an echocardiogram which she might have to be sedated for.  Let’s just say that by then, she will not be a happy girl! 

I hate that she has to go through all of this.  She remembers way more from her surgery than I thought she would.  I know she doesn’t actually remember, but there are definitely bad feelings there.  She cries at the sight of the nurse, she cries when I lay her down on the scale, she SCREAMS when she hears the paper on the exam table, and if anyone strange touches her… LOOK OUT.  She clings to me the whole time we are at the doctor’s office.  It is so sad.  I don’t know about you other Mom’s, but I think them being scared is worse than sad or even hurt. 

Anyway, pray that all of her appointments go as well as possible and that her tests all come back fine on Tuesday.