Well, Maggie decided to make our lives interesting again last night.  We were at church for praise team practice.  We could tell that she didn’t feel good, but she seemed okay.  Pretty soon, she started breathing funny and shivering.  Pretty soon, her hands turned very purple.  Our pediatrician is the pianist, so, thankfully she was there.  She watched Maggie for a while.  Her pulse and coloring were fine.  In just a couple of minutes, we noticed that she was very hot.  Dr. Beumer is pretty sure that she has influenza and that all of that was related to her fever coming on.  She said that influenza is the only thing that comes on that fast and it is going around.  She has had the flu shot so most likely she will not get very sick.  She has a fever, but we are able to control it with tylenol and motrin.  She has times when she feels pretty yucky and then times when she wants to play.