I think that this time of year will always be a bittersweet time.  It is happy because we are soon going to be celebrating Maggie’s 1st birthday.  However, it is really hard because we are re-living all of the horrible events that followed Maggie’s birthday.  Last Easter, was not a traditional day for us.  We woke up here at home.  However, our kids were not here with us.  We didn’t get to give them their Easter baskets and get dressed for church.  We didn’t get to talk to Trent about Christ’s resurrection.  We got dressed in comfy clothes and headed to the hospital to see our baby girl.  She was in her bed, asleep.  She looked so small and frail and we were all so scared.  We spent the day holding her and left that evening to spend the evening with Trentster. 

This year was quite different, we woke up to the sound of both of our kids, got ready for church, gave the kids their easter gifts, took a couple of not so good pictures, and then went to church.  Maggie looked beautiful in her Easter dress and Trent looked so hansome.  We had a wonderful service at church and then spent the day with my family.  It was your "typical" Easter day.  So very different from last year.  God has been so good to us this last year, yet it still hurts to think about what was going on just one year ago. 

Maggie’s 1st EasterApril_040_3

Maggie’s 2nd EasterEaster08_029_2 Easter08_032_2