I continue to be amazed at God’s goodness.  First of all, we found out last night that we have an accepted contract on our house.  They accepted our counteroffer last night!  We never dreamt that the house would go this quickly.  As long as everything goes as planned, we will close on May 16th.  Now, the craziness begins. 

However, the best news of today is:  Maggie got her synagis shot today!  No, the insurance didn’t pay for it but neither did we.  Maggie’s pediatrician’s office called this morning and said that they received a call this morning that the insurance denied the extension.  She then went on to say that they wanted to help her get her synagis.  They "just happened" to have a sample of synagis in the office that was the right dose for Maggie.  God is so good and I cannot begin to express my gratitude.  This has been a day of amazing blessings.