We decided on one offer last night.  It was a little tricky trying to figure out who had the most secure financing and who was most ready to accept an offer.  So, they have until tomorrow night to give us an answer.  Life is about to get really crazy.  Pray for my sanity.  I will not do well with my house being packed up.  You are talking to an OCD person and the idea of having my house half way packed for 2 months does not sound very fun to me.  Also, we have to figure out what can be put in storage and what goes with us to my Mom and Dad’s. 

We also have lots to do at my Mom and Dad’s before they are ready for us.  We will be staying in their basement.  They have a large disaster area for storage, one family room, bathroom, and two large bedrooms down there.  Her studio is in the middle of the two bedrooms.  The two bedrooms are guest rooms right now and she also uses one of them to keep her props in.  So, we will be storing all of the furniture, cleaning out the old part of the basement for her props, and redoing part of the bathroom.   Ryan and I will have one of the bedrooms and Trent will have the other.  My Mom’s craft room upstairs will be converted to Maggie’s bedroom.  Have I mentioned how awesome my parent’s are?  They are so amazing to let us stay there.  We will probably be there for almost a year.  It will not always be a picnic in the park for them or us, but we will make it work.  This is quite a sacrifice for them.  They are going from having an empty house to adding 4 more people.  I am so blessed to have such amazing parents.  Thank you, God, for my parents!  I love them so much.