*Update:  We just got a call notifying us that the request for 2 more months of Synagis was denied.  So, please pray that Maggie stays healthy and is not exposed to RSV.  Pray that God gives me wisdom as to when to keep her home and when it is okay to go out. 

Maggie has been getting Synagis shots every month, since October, to help prevent her from getting RSV.  RSV is a horrible virus for a healthy child, but it would  be very dangerous for Maggie.  These shot are VERY expensive (over $2000 per shot), but thankfully, our insurance has paid for them so far.  However, the insurance company only approved 5 months worth and we are on the 6th month.  So, we are trying to get the insurance company to approve 2 more months of Synagis as our RSV season is not over until the end of April.  She was due to get it on Wednesday and we still haven’t gotten approval. 

So, please pray that the insurance will quickly, approve 2 more months of Synagis.  Otherwise, we will be staying home with Maggie almost completely through the first part of April.