In just the last 2 weeks, Maggie has changed sooooooo much.  She really needs to slow down.  She is now crawling normally almost 100 % of the time.  Once in a while, she remembers to stick that leg out and crawl in her silly little way.  She is cruising around everything and can get up and down very quickly.  In the last week, she has learned 4 new words.  She went from only saying "dada" to saying, "mama", "hi", "ba-ba", and "bye-bye".  We went to the mall today and she waved to everyone and said "hi" or "bye" every time.  She yells "mama" any time I leave the room.  She is VERY opinionated.  I can’t stress the "very" enough.  I guess this will help her a lot in her life, but it sure is making us nervous.  She has quite the little personality and I love her so much.  I can’t believe she is almost 1!