I got this from a friend’s blog.  Thanks, Sarah.

20 years ago, I was . . .in kindergarten, enjoying being a kid.
10 years ago, I was . . . totally wrapped up with my boyfriend (my husband), a permit driver, driving my Mom’s conversion van, "planning" my life.
5 years ago, I was . . . just moving in to my 1st house, wanting a baby, loving being an Aunt!
1 year ago, I was . . . pregnant with my beautiful baby girl, totally unaware of how my drastically my life was about to change.
So far this year, I have . . . eaten too much, put my house on the market, worried.
Over the next year, I shall . . . hopefully sell my house, build a new one, spend a week away from my family at heart camp, hand my baby girl over for another surgery, try to worry less, enjoy every minute with my kids.