• We had our first showing of the house today!  They said they would be here from 10:30-11:30.  I killed time with Maggie (Trent was at school), drove by at 11:15 and noone was here.  I thought it was safe to come in.  Well, they got here while I was unloading groceries.  I snuck out the side door and Maggie and I went for a walk around town. 
  • Maggie’s home health nurse was supposed to come at noon to give her her RSV shot.  At 12:30, I decided to call the office and see where she was cuz I had to leave to get Trent from school.  She was running late so she will come later today.  Meanwhile, I have to try to schedule Trent and Maggie’s nap around her! 
  • Trent is so cute at school.  He has his little friends who he talks about at home so it is fun to see him playing with them at school.  There is a little girl in his class, Annie, who apparantly thinks that Trent is pretty cool.  Her Mom said that she talks about Trent all week long.  He has two buddies, Jordan and Tanner.  Jordan has monster trucks so he is automatically on the "it" list, and Tanner is just sweet. 
  • Why does it seem like I cannot make it out of Target without spending less than $50?  It doesn’t matter what I go in after, I come out with a lot more!  People, this is just regular Target.  We don’t have Super Targets around here.  I love their kids play clothes and I love their home section. 
  • Maggie turns 1 in less than a month!  This seems absolutely impossible!  She is going to have a "heart" birthday party at my Mom and Dad’s house.  However, I have no clue what to buy her!  Trent got his PBK train table for his 1st birthday, so, I would like to get her something kind of special.  I’ve thought about a play kitchen or a doll cradle.  However, we are trying to not buy anything big until we get our house built.  Otherwise, it will just have to be put in storage as soon as we sell our house.  Anyone have any ideas?
  • I didn’t think that Maggie would ever crawl.  She has been scooting around on her bottom for 2 months.  The last couple of days she has started doing this funky little crawl.  She gets on her hands and one knee and then sticks her other leg straight out to the side and drags it along.  She kind of looks like a puppy with a hurt leg.  What a silly girl!  It would be so much easier if she would just crawl normally. 
  • We have small group tonight, Yay! 
  • Our realtor just called and the lady who saw the house this morning, loved it!  She recently had knee surgery so she is concerned about the stairs up to the master bedroom.  However, she is still very interested and it is on her "good" list.  Also, we have another showing this evening!  This is very exciting.  I didn’t expect this much activity on our house this quickly.