Febmarch08_060 Our house went on the market yesterday!  I guess this is an exciting thing.  I am nervous, sad, anxious, and excited.  We will begin building on my parent’s land as soon as our house sells.  So, this is very exciting.  However, I am not a person who likes change.  While I may complain about the size/layout of our house, I still love it.  It is darling!  It has so much character.  The kids rooms are adorable and we love our neighbors (even though some of their houses leave much to be desired).  It is our first home, so there are so many sentimental events that have happened here.  However, we barely have a yard and we do not have much more room to grow.  So, even though it is a horrible time to be selling a house, it is time to sell.  Hopefully, it won’t take too long.  It is so stressful trying to keep it in perfect order at all times.  Febmarch08_061_2 Febmarch08_062 

*As you can see from the pictures, God decided to dump 7 inches of snow on us today so we got to get out and play in the snow and make a snowman.  Trent didn’t do ANYTHING except eat the snow.  What a silly boy!Febmarch08_068  Febmarch08_071