Oh, the little girl is at it again.  We have a video monitor for Maggie so that we can see her while she is in her bed.  The camera part rests on top of Maggie’s crib.  However, Maggie has now learned how to sit and stand up in her crib so we lowered her crib the other night so she couldn’t fall out.  Yesterday, Ryan put Maggie down for a nap and grabbed the monitor so he could keep an eye on her.  He went downstairs to play some Nintendo Wii and happened to peek at the monitor to see if she was asleep.  It was black and Maggie was not in view so he kept watching.  The view changed, a teddy bear flashed by, an eyeball flashed by, and then a big shot of Maggie’s face.  The little stinker had pulled the camera down and was "taking pictures".  She was quite proud of herself and no longer sleepy.  The camera now has a new home, far out of reach.