This weekend was gorgeus.  We had amazing weather.  Saturday was in the 60’s and today was in the 70’s.  It was wonderful.  We were supposed to do work around the house yesterday, but we decided that was a bad idea so we went to the zoo which was a great idea.  My parents went with us and we had a wonderful time.  Trent loved it and Maggie was an angel.  Trent had a blast looking at the fish and the reptiles.  He loved the crocodiles and huge turtles.  Maggie liked the elephants.  We saw a Cheetah who wanted to eat us.  It was pretty freaky.  He kept pacing back and forth and getting as close to us as possible, while licking his chops.  Later we realized he didn’t want to eat us.  He wanted to eat the hyenas in the cage across from us.  We even took Trent on the train which he LOVED!  I love seeing God’s amazing creativity through his creation.  He is such an amazing designer!

BTW, no potty accidents the whole day!  Trent rocks!