0802221128321dsc_4564_l Bella is my Mom’s new puppy.  She is a Shihchon (Shih-Tzu and Bichon).  My Mom got her a couple weeks ago for her birthday and Valentine’s day.  The family dog, Minnie, is 14 years old and I think that Bella is kind of the transition dog.  Minnie used to be my dog, but my Mom wouldn’t let me take her when I got married.  She has always kept my Mom company when my Dad is traveling, and she has always been great with the kids.  It will be really hard on my Mom when Minnie is gone, but I think that Bella will make that easier. 

Bella is so rotten.  The kids all love her, but Claire is crazy about her.  She pushes her around in a baby stroller and doesn’t let go of her when she is at my Mom’s house.  My Mom is doing her share to spoil her as well.  0802221348581spoiled_rotten_l_2

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