UPDATE:  The kids are getting better.  Trent still has a little bit of a cough and Maggie is getting over her croup quickly.  She still has a stuffy nose which affects her eating, but not too badly.  Let’s just pray that they don’t get sick again for quite some time.

Well, Maggie got croup on Feb. 6th, Trent got it on Feb. 13th, and now Maggie has it AGAIN!  Yes, again.  I can’t believe this.  I guess they are passing it back and forth.  I know that life could be much worse, but this isn’t fun.  I am ready for both of my kids to be healthy at the same time for at least a couple weeks.  Trent’s cough is still hanging on so I may call the dr. later this week.  We’ll see.  Better go, Ryan just got back in from walking Maggie around the block (it’s 10 pm) to get her breathing loosened up.  She and I will probably be sleeping on the couch tonight.