Feb_184_2 Last night we took Trent to Monster Jam.   Trent and his cousins LOVE monster trucks so we have been looking forward to it for quite some time.  Unfortunately, Trent was not feeling much better by last night.  He still has a horrible cough and isn’t sleeping well so he was tired.  However, as soon as we got there he was very excited even though he didn’t want to wear the ear muffs!   He loved seeing all of his favorite trucks:  Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Blue Thunder, and several others.  He cheered for them and held his breath as they jumped over the cars.  Everything was going just fine until it was time for Blue Thunder to race.  Blue Thunder is definitely up there on the "favorites" list.  We even bought him a stuffed Blue Thunder when we got there last night.  So, he was definitely rooting for B.T. the whole time.  Well, Blue Thunder decided to go off of a jump sideways and land up-side-down.  There were pieces of the precious Blue Thunder scattered all about.  He had to be towed out of the stadium.  Well, this totally undid Trent.  He started screaming and did not stop for at least 10-15 minutes.  He kept crying and saying, "Blue Thunder, come back!" and "NOOOOO, Blue Thunder’s not broken!".  It was sweet for the first couple of minutes, but I really wasn’t sure if he was going to stop.  Poor guy!  He did finally stop and enjoyed the rest of the night.  Blue Thunder even made it back for the "freestyle" where he once again landed up-side-down.  When you ask him about Monster Jam, he says "Blue Thunder came back.  He’s fixed."  Let’s just say, it was a rough and tough night in more than one way.

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