So, you all know what the plans were for yesterday.  Of course, they didn’t go exactly like that.  Trent started getting sick on Wednesday night but he didn’t seem too bad so I went ahead and took him to Mom’s Day Out yesterday morning.  When I picked him up, he was coughing and didn’t stop.  He coughed all the way through his nap. So, we got a late start on our evening.  We got to the mall at about 6:30 and we went to Build a Bear first.  Even though Trent felt horrible (by this point he has a fever), he helped us make sissy’s bear.  We picked out a very cute teddy bear with a heart stitched on the front.  Trent helped them stuff her and he picked out a heart to put inside (bandaid and all).  By this point, all he wanted to do was be held so I finished the bear.  Maggie’s bear has a cute valentine’s t-shirt and her name is Sally (Sally is our favorite nurse at SLCH).  After this, we went to California Pizza Kitchen which is usually one of Trent’s favorite restaurants.  He didn’t eat a single bite, but Maggie ate some of his pizza.  She loved it!  After dinner we headed home with a very crabby, sick little boy.  By the way, there were no potty accidents the whole time we were at the mall!  Trent rocks!

Even though, it didn’t go as planned, we still had a good night together.  I just wish Trent had felt better.