Happy Valentine’s Day!  This is the first Valentine’s Day with our beautiful Maggie Jane, and it is the first year that Valentine’s Day has been about more than just a romantic evening together as a couple.  In the Mahoney household, Valentine’s Day has now changed quite a bit.  It is now A Day for Hearts and A Day for Maggie.  We are going to do our best to come up with some very special things for Maggie (things that JUST she gets to do throughout the year and her life) and February 14th will be one of those.  Today we are going to go as a family to Build a Bear Workshop (Build a Bear paid for the WHOLE cardiac floor at SLCH) and Maggie will get her own bear.  You get to put a heart inside your bear and we are going to put a bandaid on the heart in Maggie’ bear.  I know she won’t remember any of it, but there will be lots of cute pictures.  After Build a Bear, we’re going to eat dinner together and then come home and spend the evening together.  For a few years, we will probably do something fun like this with Maggie.  However, when she is older I hope to turn it into more of a service opportunity.  Maybe she can go to the Cardiac unit and visit with the patients or families.  We’ll see.

Feb. 14th will always be A Day for Maggie.  It will be a day that we remember all of the amazing miracles God has done in Maggie’s life and ours.  It will be a day to spoil her rotten and do some extra special things with her and hopefully a day that she will enjoy doing special things for other people.  She is my love and I am looking forward to spending many "Heart Days" with her.