Okay, so I’ve been talking about starting to potty train Trent.  I bought the underwear, pullups, and plastic pants over the last few weeks.  I kept saying that I would start as soon as Ryan’s work schedule slowed down.  Well, he finished up his project today.  So…  I gave Trent a bath this morning and he didn’t want me to put his diaper on him (he never wants to get dressed after his bath) so I said, "okay, we’ll put big boy pants on".  So we did.  I put underwear and plastic pants on him and off we went.  We entered the world of potty training. 

I am kind of doing the old style of potty training.  No more diapers!  He only wears a pull up to bed.  If we are in the car, I put underwear on 1st and then a pull up.  This allows him to feel the wet but it doesn’t get on his car seat.  He got a sticker on his chart every time he went and after 5 stickers he got a prize (a hot wheels monster truck)!  So, how did he do?

He did AWESOME!  We had accidents but not as many as successes!  We didn’t start potty training until 10:00 AM, and he actually got 15 stickers today.  After he got 2 prizes, we had to change the rules a little.  He now has to get 10 stickers for a prize.  He loves the praises he gets and he loves calling everyone to tell them that he went potty.  I am so proud of him, but I am EXHAUSTED!  I am ready for bed and hope that morning doesn’t come very soon.  All in all, it was a great day, but GOODNIGHT!