So, last Tuesday my MOPS group went to a private showing of "The Pirates who don’t do anything".  This was Trent’s very 1st time to the theatre and his 1st Veggie Tales movie as well.  I was very excited to take him to his very 1st movie at the big screen.  We got our popcorn and soda and went in to enjoy the movie.  He seemed to really like the movie.  He was intersted the whole time and kept telling me that there was a very big rectangle on the wall (the movie screen). 

However, later when Ryan got home from work things changed a little bit.  Ryan asked him about the movie and he started telling him about how the room was dark.  We didn’t really think anything about it until bed time.  We put him to bed and about 15 minutes later he started screaming.  We went in there and he was all the way under his covers, crying.  Ryan asked him if why he was scared and he quite sadly said, "pirates".  Now, 5 days later, he still talks about the "scary pirates".  Who knew that Veggie Tales would be so scary?